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VoIP & Cloud Services

IP Office offers a fantastic portfolio of VoIP Products and services. Voice is the primary interface to any business. The quality and reliability of a voice call can mean the difference between keeping a happy customer or losing one. In our world of business communications, priorities have shifted away from an office a phone and a desk, to more agile ways of working from anywhere, anytime anyplace. To achieve this and keep the call control functionality that you get from a fixed office environment, you need a well-designed, well-delivered, cost-effective VoIP solution. For further information and to find out how we can transform and future-proof your company’s telecommunications, get in touch.

The Rise of Microsoft Teams

New challengers Microsoft Teams has come from a team sharing office environment, bolting on expensive licenses and calling plans for minutes. It was originally designed for internal departmental use.

If this is your preferred route, IP Office can enhance your experience with MS Teams configured SIP Trunks with unlimited call plans and with inbuilt failover. We also provide you with what we consider to be the best Telephone handsets and terminals for MS Teams. These are the best available and will enhance your Teams experience.

3CX Communications Systems

Our success with the award winning UC Solution from 3CX continues to exceed expectations.

The 3CX Business Professional edition gives you the very best in modern VoIP – Video and teams collaboration from a Global product.  This can be deployed on-premise or in a secure cloud environment, we take care of this for you.  What’s more, it delivers the best call control functionality compared to any telephone system you have seen. Furthermore, you only pay for simultaneous calls, you never pay a license for every single seat device or user, making this a great way to keep costs down.

With 3CX Pro you get free unlimited Video Web meetings and a free mobile app that simulates your desk phone. As a result, you can have the same full call control expected from a professional phone system.

We also have a Mobile-First Application new this year for cost-effective Telephony functionality for mobile phone users. 

Contact IP Office Ltd

For further details about our VoIP and cloud telecommunications systems, please call our sales team.

Carbon Neutrality

IP Office Ltd announces plans to be carbon neutral at least by the end of 2025, by both reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions. The commitment reflects the focus toward becoming a more sustainable organization by improving environmental performance and driving long-term, sustainable growth.

To achieve carbon neutrality, IP Office Ltd will focus on areas including reducing travel emissions, sustainable procurement practices and purchasing more renewable energy to power offices, for example wind or solar energy. It also plans to purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint and invest in projects that reduce carbon.

Protecting the planet for future generations is an important issue for people and becoming carbon neutral is a first step forward on the sustainability journey.

Continued by Carbon Zero and Negative Carbon.

We encourage our supply chains to reduce carbon wherever possible and we look to work with those companies that demonstrate this in their procedures.

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