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Telephone Systems

On-Premise - Cloud Telephony - Hybrid

Ranging from simple DDI telephony to advanced unified telecommunications, we can design bespoke solutions to suit every business size and type. Introduce call recording and message services, call management and queuing, or even full contact centre functionality to your organisation and improve consumer experiences and staff collaboration. You can also opt for AI/NLP analytics reporting driven by your unique business requirements. IP Office Ltd can also keep legacy systems serviced until you are ready to upgrade them. For a no-obligation discussion regarding our products and services, please get in touch with a member of the team today.

Cloud-Hosted Telephone Systems

Cloud-hosted telephone systems can be used by all businesses. Particularly suited to those wishing to link multiple sites or whose team are both desk-based and work remotely. The benefits of a hosted cloud telephone system include:


With the telecoms world forever changing, you will see a continued move to VOIP Cloud technologies. By 2025 Ofcom through its network suppliers such as Openreach are looking to discontinue analogue and ISDN telephone lines and IP Office Ltd are best placed to upgrade existing users to SIP & SoGEA Solutions.

The move to VOIP can either be a fully cloud deployment or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise, but should you want to slow down the transition you can move to SIP (internet phone lines) on your existing on-premises telephone system and even integrate collaboration from Microsoft Teams via our Gateways.


If you work in an older building or a large building not fully cat5 cabled, being able to transition at your own pace can save you money in cabling and new handsets, while benefitting from the more affordable SIP lines with inclusive call plans.


Give our experienced sales team a call to find out if you can futureproof your telephone system with the benefits of SIP.

Hybrid Telephone Systems

We appreciate that upgrading or replacing your telephone system can be a daunting prospect, which is why our expert team are here to remove the stress and make transitioning straightforward. If your business has been dependant on an on-premises system, a fully cloud-hosted upgrade may be a step too far. In which case, a hybrid option may be preferred, where we can combine both new and traditional technologies for the best of both worlds.

Reasons to opt for a hybrid telephone system include:

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Carbon Neutrality

IP Office Ltd announces plans to be carbon neutral at least by the end of 2025, by both reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions. The commitment reflects the focus toward becoming a more sustainable organization by improving environmental performance and driving long-term, sustainable growth.

To achieve carbon neutrality, IP Office Ltd will focus on areas including reducing travel emissions, sustainable procurement practices and purchasing more renewable energy to power offices, for example wind or solar energy. It also plans to purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint and invest in projects that reduce carbon.

Protecting the planet for future generations is an important issue for people and becoming carbon neutral is a first step forward on the sustainability journey.

Continued by Carbon Zero and Negative Carbon.

We encourage our supply chains to reduce carbon wherever possible and we look to work with those companies that demonstrate this in their procedures.

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