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Telephone technology and infrastructure continues to evolve rapidly. Our specialists stay ahead of developments so we can implement resilient business solutions that make the best use of new technologies and deliver real value to our customers.

The solution we design - from simple DDI through to advanced unified communications - is driven by your needs and the plans you have for your business.

Hosted or cloud telephony is becoming increasingly popular. It offers fully featured telephony without the need to buy, lease or maintain your own Private Branch Exchange (PBX). But it isn’t the best solution for every organisation, particularly if guaranteed uptime is essential.

In addition to fully hosted solutions we also supply and maintain PBX systems from Avaya and Panasonic, either as independent solutions or as part of a hybrid system.

Hybrid systems combine the flexibility of the cloud with the proven resilience of ISDN to ensure that incoming calls are never interrupted. Calls typically come in on ISDN with outgoing calls being made via SIP trunks that run on broadband connections. Combining ISDN with SIP trunks ensures there should always be a fallback in the event of a service failure. We aim to maintain 100% uptime.


Hosted Telephony

The cloud refers to a solution delivered over the internet. Instead of having the physical hardware or service on-site (as with traditional PBX ), it's all in a secured central data centre.

That's the simple bit!

The greatest benefit of hosted is the cost. There's no ongoing maintenance charges as there is with traditional PBX systems, and there's minimal installation costs. And because you don't need multiple phone lines for hosted telephony, monthly rental costs will be cheaper too.

Hosted PBX...

Positives for Hosted PBX

  • Providers have more resources than users, so new feature sets are possible

  • New feature installation is handled by provider to avoid confusion

  • Moving a phone system is easy. IP phone is plugged into a broadband connection

  • Patches and upgrades of the IP-PBX are handled by the provider

  • Loss of Internet or catastrophic event has no effect on operations because calls can be sent to voice mail or a mobile phone. This is because of redundancy within an off-site facility that has safeguards including back up power sources. 

  • Upgrades and new features are included 

  • Low monthly service cost 

  • No maintenance costs of the IP-PBX, but all on-premise and remote phones and network devices are the responsibility of the customer 

  • Lower initial equipment cost and set-up cost

On Premises Telephone Systems

On-premise PBX is a traditional system that typically resides in a computer equipment room or phone closet. Usually using traditional phone lines such as analogue or ISDN, your communications is reliant on a medium that has worked for hundreds of years. Yes traditional lines are out dated but they are still the most reliable. ISDN still typically runs at an uptime rate of 99.999%  

Advantages for On-premise PBX

  • Having on premise PBX gives user control to create, adjust and delete users as desired

  • New open source feature sets can be added without any license fees

  • Current carrier does not have to be changed

  • Server ownership reduces expenses over time

  • No DIY time on the part of the customer

  • Professional training of staff on new IP-PBX system is handled by the provider

  • With SIP trunking, loss of Internet or catastrophic event has no affect because you can either divert to another number or a mobile, or have multiple line types : SIP goes down run over ISDN

  • Lower monthly cost after expenses are covered

  • Ability to SIP trunk to get lower cost calls


A hybrid PBX has many of the same great features you can expect from VoIP services, including call rules, auto-attendant, and hold queues. The hybrid PBX also has the capacity for virtual conference rooms, fax over IP, and video conferencing. The hybrid PBX comes with the ability to run multiple types of lines, most hybrid systems use ISDN line for inbound calls, and they dial out using SIP trunks. The most important feature of the hybrid PBX is that if either the legacy PBX or the VoIP server isn’t working, it automatically switches over to the other network.

One of the biggest benefits to having a hybrid PBX is for remote offices and secondary locations. Calls from multiple locations go through the hybrid PBX, so there are no long-distance charges.

The biggest benefit to having a hybrid PBX is that it makes it much easier to transition to a full VoIP and hosted PBX solution. It can be expensive and a little psychologically unsettling to make the jump to VoIP, especially if you think your phones work “just fine the way they are, thank you.” On top of that, many vendors lock you into long-term service contracts. Given those realities, it makes sense to have a new office, or new phones in an office, be IP phones, while still maintaining your existing infrastructure.

The merge between analogue, digital, and VoIP phone systems, on- and off-premise systems are known as telephone hybrids. Having a such a modern office telephone system can be an extremely efficient solution for any business’ communication needs since it is customisable and able to adapt to their specific needs.





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