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The Seward family manages three Hotels in Sidmouth. Hospitality has been a family tradition for many years. The Kingswood Hotel had persevered with an outdated telephone system – the BT Kinsman. The console had been repaired on a number of occasions and the system was generally starting to deteriorate. Calls were being missed and the overall dated appearance of the Kinsman was no longer in keeping with the Hotel.


IP Office installed a new Panasonic KXTDA Hotel System. This included a new smarter console arrangement, voicemail, and a link to the Hotel Perfect front of house system for billing. The existing analogue lines were connected to the new system negating the need to change long standing numbers or incur costs from BT. The Panasonic product is packed with hotel specific features, including a full HAI (Hotel Application Interface). HAI links the telephone system to the front of house package to deliver information as required. Check-in opens the handset in the room to make calls and check-out bars it. Alarm calls can be set in the room or at the console and baby listening can be activated from any extension. Notification of room status can be communicated to front of house, along with any billing information


The hotel can be confident that no calls are being lost. The HAI has allowed the hotel to significantly improve efficiency (particularly with regard to billing) and the customer experience. “Voice Mail ensures that I never miss a call and the guests can reliably ring reception for drinks or room service. Good communications just makes good business sense” Mark Seward.

Carbon Neutrality

IP Office Ltd announces plans to be carbon neutral at least by the end of 2025, by both reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions. The commitment reflects the focus toward becoming a more sustainable organization by improving environmental performance and driving long-term, sustainable growth.

To achieve carbon neutrality, IP Office Ltd will focus on areas including reducing travel emissions, sustainable procurement practices and purchasing more renewable energy to power offices, for example wind or solar energy. It also plans to purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint and invest in projects that reduce carbon.

Protecting the planet for future generations is an important issue for people and becoming carbon neutral is a first step forward on the sustainability journey.

Continued by Carbon Zero and Negative Carbon.

We encourage our supply chains to reduce carbon wherever possible and we look to work with those companies that demonstrate this in their procedures.

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