Why IP Office?

Why IP Office?

Reliability, expertise and a commitment to your business

Our goal is to be the UK’s best business communications expert, delivering open and flexible solutions that transform the way people interact and conduct business, providing a competitive edge and so opening the lines of communication to enable business growth.

Communications is changing; communications is IT; communications is dynamic and your business needs a company that will deliver “best advice”, understand your requirements, mix that with budget and aspirations and deliver the best solution possible. Your business needs a company that covers all disciplines and understands the inter-twined world of communications, IT, mobility and transmission. Perhaps our slogan says it all –


Bringing IT all together


IP Office Ltd demonstrates the key attributes that partners look for in a technology supplier:

  • Vast Experience
  • A reputation for reliability
  • Accreditations from respected brands
  • Firm focus on communications innovation
  • A commitment to scalable solutions that protect customer investment