Web Collaboration

Web Collaboration

Bringing people together can be expensive. From business travel to managing office space, team coordination requires a deep investment—in cost, and in time. Enter the power of web collaboration.

What if you could give your teams freedom to collaborate—without meeting? Have subject matter experts review a document on the fly? Escalate a complex discussion from auditory to visual in midstream? See the impact of an idea on teammates’ faces? Hire the best candidate for your team without worrying about where he or she lives?

Web Collaboration turns those and other opportunities into reality.

Web Collaboration lets your team seamlessly and securely share documents, videos and other media with a click. Directly from their desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Group and individual chat enables side conversations, while seeing faces tells you if an idea is flying—or flopping. Because it’s fully available on our mobile client, you collaborate wherever you need to be. That means faster problem-solving, faster decision-making—and a faster path to a competitive advantage.