Office Moves

Office Moves

From years of helping companies move, this guide is designed to help you minimise the hassle and maximise the opportunities of moving business premises…

Moving a business is a stressful time, here you are provided with a step by step guide to the important communications elements to a successful move, IP Office Ltd handle thousands of business moves every year so please take advantage of our experience in ensuring business continuity through the moving process.

Stay in touch – there are a number of ways you can stay in touch and minimise the impact of the move –

  • Call diversion, to ensure you never miss a call to your old number have them automatically rerouted to your new number or temporarily your mobile number.
  • It is also worth considering a “virtual assistant” divert calls to a number that will take messages on your behalf, whilst you are on a call out of the office or overseas.
  • Encourage customers to call a freephone number, this will be your number for life and can be diverted to any number of your choice, landline or mobile.
  • Invest in i Line, this will allow you to “port” numbers anywhere across the UK and divert calls within 30 minutes to any destination. With no number range limitations this is an ideal service for number hungry companies.

Moving is an ideal opportunity to improve your business communications to allow growth for future needs –

  • Do you dial out from advertised numbers? If so by simply installing new lines you could increase your business. Allow calls to come in allow business to develop.
  • Make your data work harder, improve your internet access improve your business. Don’t allow your business to be constricted by the level of data you can transfer.
  • Now that you are moving to new premises is it time to review your security and business continuity requirements. Back-up data and voice communications at the touch of a button.

Managing costs –

Moving is a good time to review how to minimise and manage costs. To help IP Office Ltd will analyse your current bill and produce a call saving calculator. As well as looking at the bigger picture of cost savings.

Cost savings such as VoIP, CPS or trading 24/7 from enhanced internet links could save and make a fortune.

Moving Checklist –

  • Ensure you have the full new address including postcode.
  • Provide as much notice as possible, remember the lead time for analogue lines is 10 working days, ISDN lines is 30 working days and leased lines 60 working days and this is from survey and with no delays or complications.
  • Inform us of any existing services in the new building. This could shorten lead times and possibly reduce costs.
  • Accurate move information and contact names and numbers allow good communication when coordinating the move.
  • Inform us of any inbound non geographic numbers that will need to be re-pointed at the time of the move.
  • Provide building access details and specify early where the new services need to be delivered.
  • Organise the important numbers early, order i Line to port number, divert or message. All could take time to organise so book early for continuity of service.
  • Broadband, many providers cannot transfer so you will need to cease existing and re-provide with a new ISP for continuity of service.
  • List utilities that need contacting and inform of moving date and final readings.
  • Arrange mail re-direction by ringing 0845 774 0740 or visiting
  • Liaise with suppliers of computers, photocopiers, vending machines and furniture to ensure all moved and all working.
  • Inform insurance companies, banks, council and inland revenue.
  • Consider communicating the move via mailshot, local papers, radio and perhaps television.
  • Contact IP Office Ltd on 01392 445566 or one of our regional office numbers.

Any move is stressful, we hope you find the guide useful and find the time to contact the business movers on 01392 445566.