Telephony Services

Telephony Services

Telephone Systems suitable for all size of business, starting from 4 extensions and exceeding 4000, sophisticated or simple, integrated or stand-alone, delivered by a team with over 30 years experience in deployment and support of communication infrastructure.

Implementing a new communications infrastructure can result in a worrying time; for many companies the phone is still one of the primary tools for attaining business and for organisations the primary communications medium. By choosing IP Office Ltd a lot of that worry is removed.  You will be liaising with a company that understands all of the aspects of communication infrastructure, understands the importance of seamless network integration and delivers “home grown” solutions – for example iLine to connect multiple–sites or provide a Disaster Recovery scenario. Most of all by choosing IP Office Ltd you will be talking with communication professionals that understand technology and business.

Avaya-logo-smallWe are an Avaya SME Expert and Partner in Customer Excellence. Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The company provides Unified Communications, Contact Centres, Data solutions and related services through its Channel partners to leading businesses and organisations around the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.


PanasonicWe are a Panasonic Premier partner and have supplied systems since 2000.

A division of Panasonic System Communications Company Europe (PSCEU), Panasonic Communication Solutions, is committed to developing a unique, accessible range of Communications products and systems. With multifunctional design and advanced features at its heart, the Communication Solutions range has been designed and developed to not only meet the increasing demands of the market by making every working environment more efficient and effective, but also have as little impact on the environment as possible.


unify We are a Unify Advanced Solutions Provider and have delivered sophisticated solutions since Unify’s inception. Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, is a global communications software and services company.   The name reflects perfectly what we do: we unify our customers’ communications systems. By synchronizing technologies, creating an engaging user experience and weaving communications seamlessly into the way businesses operate, we empower an increasingly mobile workforce to work better together. The result is a transformation of how the enterprise communicates and collaborates that amplifies collective efforts, energizes the business and drives better performance.

Unified Communications

In this hyper-connected world, where mobility and collaboration are the norm, today’s anywhere workers demand a consumer-like experience from the enterprise communications solutions they use every day. Yet many organizations find themselves mired in a maddening reality of fragmented or incomplete offerings, frustrated users and missed opportunities. Not only are companies often dealing with layers of incompatible technologies, but also the technologies themselves are often disconnected from the way business is actually conducted. The mission is to unify what drives us today, a dynamic communications and collaboration that will deliver on the three elements critical to transformative team collaboration: universal content aggregation into a single view; an engaging user experience that drives user adoption; and seamless integration into business process to drive dramatic business improvement. These are exciting times for our industry, we believe that the confluence of technological advances happening at this very moment—from the ubiquity of mobility to the rise of WebRTC—will lead to opportunities for our clients to harmonize systems, amplify teams and ultimately dramatically improve business performance.