SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

i-Line is the unique SIP Trunking offering of Voice over IP Ltd that provides businesses with quality VoIP calls at the lowest rates possible. The industry has been burdened with suppliers that have not been able to provide the reliability and resilience that is inherent to i-Line. We have been successfully equipping businesses with Voice over IP calling for the last 10 years.

This isn’t your grandfather’s sketchy Skype call. This is a no-lag in conversation, no call-dropping, no choppy-voice, nothing but a clear and beautiful voice quality solution.

i-Line delivers your calls over a private IP network and ensures that your voice traffic is never interrupted. You can receive the most cost effective method of calling and be rest assured that you will have a business-class, elite SIP solution.

Combine that with the additional benefits i-Line has to offer such as disaster recovery, 21CN Compliancy, multi-site connectivity, easy number portability and marketing your business with geographic numbers and you’ve got a powerful piece of business technology.

For a free audit of your telecommunications call spend send us your bill to or fax to 01392 440808.

To discuss i-Line please call on 01392 445566.

Download the i-Line pdf brochure