Call Charges

Call Charges

Here’s a call plan for you… The Simple Plan..

How Simple?

  • We won’t round your charges up to the next minute, we’ll just charge you for the seconds you use.
  • We won’t use minimum charges.
  • Call setup charge? No!
  • Simple. You call people, we bill you at the best rates in the UK.
  • Best local & national.
  • Best mobile.
  • Best everything.
  • Simple? We think so.

You can see an apples to apples comparison by emailing your phone bill to We will do a free analysis of your call charge costs and explain to you what your plan means, what you are really paying per minute, and what our rates would be with Voice over IP Ltd. We provide rates starting at less than 1p per minute.

We have the best prices on call charge costs in the UK. 

You might think that’s a bold statement, and it is, but we find the best way of communicating with our customers is with honesty. We tell you upfront what your call charges will be in a simple approach. We don’t hide costs in complicated plans, which we think is a deceptive industry practice. We won’t make promises of ‘free something’ then recover the lost revenue through minimum spends and connection charges.

We do The Simple Plan. Some call it The Honest Plan.