We have a number of business specific broadband and EFM solutions to suit your needs. Our business specific solutions for aDSL are:

aDSL Max

  • 20Mbps download
  • 5Mbps upload

aDSL Max Premium

  • 40Mbps download
  • 10Mbps upload

 *Please note only available where exchanges have fibre to the cabinet.

Ethernet in the First Mile, or EFM, is a high speed delivery of internet between 2Mbps and 10Mbps. This symmetrical connection is done with copper wiring which makes EFM a great money saver and easy to deploy.

If you’re after a heftier solution we can also equip your office with fibre Leased Lines.

To discuss your aDSL, EFM or Leased Line requirements please call 0800 048 1738 or email.