Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation allows you to ‘transform’ hardware into software by sharing the resource of a single hardware device across multiple environments allowing one physical device to do the job of multiple servers.

Our clients are saving thousands of pounds per annum on their energy bills following the successful deployment of virtual server technologies as well as experiencing lower capital expenditure, higher availability of resources, better management, increased security and improved disaster recovery process.

One physical device can host multiple virtual machines enabling the consolidation of server estates.

Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop management is manual, expensive and time-consuming.

This is especially so in distributed environments. End users experience the frustrations of downgraded performance as PCs age and updates and patches are applied. Desktop virtualisation technologies enable the centralisation of desktops by creating virtual desktops in the datacentre, making them easier to provision, deploy, secure and backup.


  • Reduce the cost of managing desktop PCs
  • Increase data security
  • Simply administration and improve flexibility
  • Improve software provisioning

Application Virtualisation

Delivering applications to users quickly and easily is a major priority.

Application virtualisation eliminates the need to install or manage applications on individual end user devices, making application testing, provisioning, management, security and support easier and less costly. By managing and virtualising applications in the datacentre clients deliver all Windows application to office based and remote users on demand.

Storage Virtualisation

The explosion of virtualisation as an IT infrastructure solution has driven a need for shared storage for every type of organisation.

Traditional Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions can be prohibitively expensive when organisations wish to expand their storage across several sites or benefit from enterprise features such as snapshots, continuous data protection, synchronous and asynchronous replication. By implementing virtual storage technologies clients can control and manage their chosen infrastructure solution at significantly lower cost.

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