Managed Services

Managed Services

Support from as little as £19 per user!

IP Office Solutions provide two support mechanisms, Managed Services for those who require the full IT personnel and management service and Retained IT Services (RITS) which is designed to extent the capability and capacity of your in-house IT team.

Managed Services

Based on our experience, built on many years supporting IT critical business environments,   IP Office Solutions Limited have developed our Managed Services Support packages to ensure that we can match our client’s business requirements.

The key to maintaining the stability and functionality of your IT infrastructure is to have a reliable and proactive support arrangement in place.  IP Office Solutions Limited has the ability to connect to your servers and users remotely within a few minutes of a support call being logged.  Using our Server Agent we are aware of and fix the majority of problems before you even know about them.  In the unusual event that we would have to attend site to resolve an issue, we would plan to do so the same day.





Unlimited telephone helpdesk and remote support tick tick tick
Unlimited remote server support tick tick tick
System audit to document architecture  tick tick tick
Server Agent for 24×7 proactive monitoring tick tick tick
Workstation Agent for 24×7 proactive monitoring  tick tick
Anti-Virus protection per device tick
Onsite engineer charge

per hour

per hour

Installation and Setup of equipment or software not stated in the initial contract kit list

per hour

per hour


Retained IT Services

Retained IT Services (RITS) from IP Office Solutions provides easy access to all of the IT skills and services that we offer. RTS can be used as a smart “pay-as-you-go” outsourcing solution for IT support and maintenance or any other IT services that we supply. You can use RITS to call upon our technicians, engineers, developers or instructors to extend the capability and capacity of your in-house IT team.

RITS time is purchased from IP Office Solutions by the day or at volume discounts. Time is banked and logged in our IT service management system. The minimum unit of purchase is one day (8 hours). The customer may then contact our helpdesk to book a technical resource to attend site or provide IT services remotely.

You can purchase RITS contracts from IP Office Solutions and bank our time in advance, with varying levels of guaranteed response.

RITS Flexibility

RITS is a token based system, enabling our clients the flexibility to transfer pre-paid support credits to project based work, roll over unused credits if support has been under that of the monthly estimate or pull forward credits at a reduced rate if support for any one month is higher than expected.

One Token is equivalent to fifteen minutes support time with the minimum call period of one token.

Out of hours

IPOS understand that outside of working hours support is required for some clients and this is provided with a ‘best endeavour’ time scale.  We will not charge you a retainer for this service.

Our of hours support will be charged based on double the actual time used with a minimum charging unit of 2 tokens for telephone, remote and on-site support.


If a call takes 15 minutes, this will cost you 2 tokens.


24/ 7/365 Agent for Proactive Monitoring
Proactive monitoring includes work completed by IP Office Solutions Limited behind the scenes.  This work includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Installing server updates, hot-fixes and patches.
  • Maintaining central Anti-Virus control and compliance.
  • Resolution of incidents automatically flagged by our 24/7 monitoring such as, backup failures, services stability, etc.
  • Router firmware upgrades.

Unplanned Maintenance
IP Office Solutions Limited operate a fully manned 24/7/365 service desk to ensure that your called is answered quickly and your problem is handled as soon as possible, ensuring a quality of service that is rare in IT practice.

We try to ensure that every phone call is answered first time.  However, if you need to leave a voicemail we guarantee that your call will be returned within one hour.

Planned Maintenance
From time to time it is necessary to carry out a planned on-site visit to maintain the IT systems or improve the environment.

If you choose the IPOS Complete support plan this time is included in the monthly fee.

Project Implementation
From time to time you may wish to implement larger scale changes. These will be handled as projects and be managed as such.

Each project will be scoped as a separate piece of work and billed as such.

As your IT service provider, we are happy to procure IT hardware and software (excluding consumables) on your behalf.  We are happy for you to procure from other suppliers as and when required, however, if we do not pre-agree the specifications we will not be unable to support the item purchased.